'Little Lodge Childcare' - Happy children!!

I am a 36 year old Ofsted registered childminder and Qualified Teacher and live with my husband, Steve, and our 2 children, Fay (8 years old) and Hayden (5 years old).
We live in a non smoking, 3 bedroom terrace house in Tadworth which is close to Tadworth Primary, Shawley Way and Epsom Downs Primary School.  It’s a great location for children as we have numerous local play parks close by, as well as being close to the library, town centre, nature walks and playgroups, all of which we visit frequently. 
I provide a fun stimulating environment where both play and learning are part of each child’s everyday experience and enjoyment. A wide selection of indoor and outdoor facilities and activities are provided throughout the day enabling the children to learn and develop skills in a creative and exciting atmosphere.
Children have access to our living room, which is mainly used for the quieter activities, such as puppets, story time, puzzles, games, role play; the kitchen which is used at mealtimes and for activities such as craft, baking, homework etc; and a colourful playroom with a whole range of toys and activities to suit all ages. We also have a safe enclosed back garden where children can use the playhouse, water/sand tray and play any other outdoor activities. 
My aim is to provide parents with high quality childcare which is convenient, flexible and affordable and to provide your children with a ‘home from home’ environment where they feel safe, secure, relaxed and able to enjoy their time spent here. 
Through experience I have found that a creative and practical approach to interacting with children is the way to ensure the best learning and living experience.
I understand the importance of a positive environment and encourage children to recognise their achievements and take pride in them. I am able to plan activities to suit the ages of the children I look after whilst ensuring their educational needs are met as set out in the early year’s foundation stage.   

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